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Panel VH 2.1 Selectivo

Solarcollector VH 2.1 Selectivo

S03.00001 Panel VH 2.1 Selectivo

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The range of thermal solar solutions SOLDIRECTO has on offer comprises an innovative solution for heating water: the panel VH 2.1 SELECTIVO, with an energetic efficiency of 79,8%. The solar collector VH 2.1 Selectivo obeys the rule ISO 9001 and was certified by CERTIF and Solar Keymark. It is a flat collector with aluminum profiles shaped by extrusion with a heat conductive aluminum board, copper tubing and MIRO-THERM coating. It has a guarantee of 10 years. This solution offers you various possibilities of adaption to existing architecture: on the roof, fitted into the roof or on a flat surface. The collectors are universally suitable, for anything from family homes (simple solar systems) to big industrial complexes..

•    flat thermal solar collector
•    up to 6 collectors can be connected side-by-side
•    vertical or horizontal fixing
•    mineral wool insulation of 30 mm thickness
•    mounted in a box of anodized aluminum profiles shaped by extrusion
•    RAL 9006, Are-controlo
•    dimension (LxWxH): 2032 x 1030 x 87 mm
•    area of the collector: 2,09 m2
•    weight: 34 Kg
•    efficiency: 79,8 %
•    maximum permitted pressure: 10 bar
•    forced circulation and thermosiphon systems
•    absorbent MIRO-THERM® coating