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Soldirecto is a 100% Portuguese company, specializing in offering solar solutions for thermal problems. We offer the best solutions with the best products modern technology can supply. Solar thermal energy is the energy provided by the sun. This energy can be converted into usable energy for heating water, central heating or heating a pool. Soldirecto is working in that field, manufacturing thermal solar panels, mainly the VH 2.1 Selectivo with an energetic efficiency of 79,8%. Our company is specializing in offering complete solar solutions including all necessary equipment, plus a personalized and ecological service with the best products modern technology has on offer.

Soldirecto – Solar Systems – are producing to the highest national and international standards. We are aware that only quality and efficiency make the difference in the market. We are familiar with the special requirements of any market, therefore we built our collector Soldirecto VH 2.1 Selectivo to suit the most demanding conditions to be easily adapted to any situation and to obey the most rigorous European rules and regulations. We guarantee a professional partnership totally adjusted to your needs with ample perspectives for growth, where quality and profitability are the key-words for your business.